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Heating Pellets

Heating Pellets Environmentally Friendly heating at a low cost!

Wood Fibers' heating pellets are a high quality premium grade pellet fuel developed from softwood & hardwood species.

Available in Softwood or Hardwood - pickup or delivery - bagged or bulk.

As a Registered Pellet Fuel Manufacturer (PFM) with the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI), Wood Fibers' pellets are manufactured to meet or exceed the standards set forth by PFI for both residential and commercial densified fuel. PFI standards were created to assure that the fuel pellets are of a specified grade and can be properly used in appliances that are permitted to burn them. PFI members are subject to independent 3rd party inspections, sampling, testing and program oversight.

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Softwood vs Hardwood pellets
Through the pelletizing process, wood is ground fine then the sawdust is compressed to make wood pellets. Although hardwood is naturally more dense, after compression, both the hardwood and the softwood pellets have equal density. But, because most softwood species have higher levels of resins, softwood pellets will produce more BTUs per pound generating more heat and producing less ash than hardwood heating pellets.

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Premium Grade
Type of Material Softwood fiber
Bulk Density 40.0 - 46.0 lb cubic ft
Durability > 96.5
Fines < .5%
Ash < 1%
Moisture < 8%
Sodium < 300 PPM
Minimum Higher
Heating Value (as Rec)
8,000 + BTU
Pellet Quality Analysis Reports
08/04/2011- Hardwood Analytical Report
08/04/2011- Softwood Analytical Report
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